Why Choose

Unipin Technology?

Unipin Technology is a local artificial intelligence high-tech enterprise based in Singapore, which focuses on continuous innovation and development in the field of underlying robot hardware and ontology, and has demonstrated strong competitiveness in terms of technology advancements and application diversity. The self-developed TITAN-F series of modular SCARA robots, which are the first in the industry, are equipped with intelligent modular joints, characterized by high load, high precision, high speed and high stability.

The R&D team started with the research and development of the harmonic reducer, and developed the basic unit of robot motion - joints. In the test, we independently built landing scenes, repeated iterations, and developed a series of core robot components such as smart wheels and smart lifting assemblies with wider applicable scenarios, higher torque to motor size ratio and more compact structure.

Unipin has its own whole industrial chain from R&D to production.

In 2019, the pandemic spread globally. Unipin is committed to the research and development of disinfection robots. It will be officially launched for mass production in 2020, and it has quickly been widely recognised by the international market. Currently, Unipin disinfection robots have entered Spain, China, the United States, Japan, Indonesia and other countries.

We are committed to making life better with technology in a world where human and machines co-exist!