Unipin Fresh Air Disinfection Robot

UNIPIN Fresh Air Disinfection Robot

1. Human-machine coexistence: safe design, human-machine coexistence, normal use in a human environment.

2. Smart work: smart disinfection, autonomous navigation, autonomous route planning.

3. Broad spectrum and high efficiency: high efficiency in killing and disinfection. Bacteria killing rate reaches 99.99%; it is equally effective for formaldehyde, toluene.

4. Multifold purification: the ultraviolet light, photocatalyst, negative ion, HEPA filter mesh, honeycomb ceramic filter element constitute a 6-fold purification.

5. Real-time monitoring: It detects the harmful gases such as TVOC/formaldehyde in the air, and accelerates the work by the auto mode.



Air Guard Around You

— Three disinfection principles, six purification modules, to maintain public safety

six purification modules

1. Primary efficiency purification and filtration
2. Negative ion
3. Ultraviolet light
4. Photocatalyst
5. HEPA filter mesh
6. Honeycomb ceramic filter element

Corporate Cases

A Tax Hall in City of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China

Hospital, China

Airport, China

Corporate Office, China

NEX Shopping Mall, Singapore