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Product Parameters

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UV-C Robot ID1

Size: height 1320mm*base (560mm*560mm)

Product Features

Autonomous navigation

provides a wide range of lidar mapping, lidar positioning, lidar path planning, lidar navigation functions.

Two operation mode optional

Duty mode to work in fixed area autonomously, or customized mode to work in preset paths & time

Automatic recharge

The robot can automatically charge when the power is below the threshold, and automatically resume work after charging.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Equipped with lidar, ultrasonic, safety lidar (located in the front of the fuselage, detection distance 40 meters, detection angle 270 degrees) to achieve intelligent obstacle avoidance.

Video Monitoring

real-time shooting, high-speed network transmission.

Face recognition

High-definition camera, Quick facial features


Body temperature measurement

Real-time detection of body temperature, intelligent thermal imaging display, alarm when abnormal.

Broad spectrum elimination

Sterilization rate as high as 99.99%, complete the disinfection job of 1000 square meters in about 100 minutes.

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