Keenon Delivery Robot T6

Small Size, big Energy

Keenon Delivery Robot T6

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No Contact, More at Ease

Contactless Intelligent Delivery


Multi-layer and large pallets with a load of 10 kg per layer. Support multi-tasking delivery, and send four tables at one time. 

Help the catering industry to establish an efficient and safe contactless delivery system. 

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement "Ace"

Don't need to rest all year round. 

One-time investment, lifetime maintenance support.

Compared to long-term investment in waiter training. 

The cost-effectiveness of food delivery robot is outstanding. 


Smart and Efficient Operation

Industry-leading new composite positioning and navigation technology

Deep integration of sensing systems such as laser radar, machine vision and depth vision

Coping well with all kinds of complicated environments in the dining scenario 

Hardware Platform Monitoring System

The after-sales is more efficient and convenient

Through the low-power, high-endurance hardware platform monitoring system independently developed by KEENON, the robot could achieve system maintenance continues, OTA remote upgrade, and one-click update system

Smart Service Features

Attract customers, and promote service differentiation

The robot element brings customers a sense of technology experience

Improve delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction

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Corporate Cases

Black Society @ Vivo City, Singapore

E'mei Restaurant, Beijing, China

Black Society @ Vivo City, Singapore

A Restaurant, China