Unipin Indoor Cleaning Robot

The three-facet prevention design is safe and carefree


Prevention against collision, skid and dropping

A variety of brush heads are ready to change and adapt to different grounds Replaceable side brush of roller brush type can easily cope with different grounds, and flexibly respond to various scenarios.

Sweeping, suctioning and washing are integrated for efficient cleaning.

The design of large-diameter double disc brush + high-density rubber strip for water suction can integrate sweeping and washing and achieve large-angle cleaning and high sweeping coverage


Integrated water tank can automatically change water

With automatic water change, the integrated water tank may opt for the integrated automatic charging

The automatic water filling and changing workstation is easier for maintenance!


Easy mapping, autonomous route planning

It can achieve the autonomous foolproof mapping, one map sharing for multiple machines, autonomous iterative coverage of the sweeping bottom surface, and automatic route planning. It may support the function of resuming from breakpoint so as to ensure the completeness of operation.


Support of multiple connections

It supports multiple connection methods with the capabilities to schedule the system remotely across platform from multiple machines, remotely customize the task, and remotely process failures in a real-time manner.

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